Little Known Reason That Not Raising The Debt Ceiling Will Kill The American Economy

The American people and economy are likely to lose the “Exorbitant Privilege” we get from being the international Reserve Currency if US politicians continue to flirt with default herunterladen. Boy am I tired of hearing Teaparty congressmen say that defaulting on our obligations by not raising the debt ceiling won’t be a problem. At least one of them has actually said that it would be a good thing exchange adressbuch herunterladen fehler. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID), said on Sept. 23 to PolicyMic, ” I don’t think it’ll happen, but if it did it would be very short… It all depends on what it generated herunterladen. If it generates some real progress toward entitlement reform and getting tax reform teed up for activity, then I think that’s one of the best things that could happen for young people.” I really don’t think that many in Congress understand what even a single days default could mean herunterladen. Continue reading Little Known Reason That Not Raising The Debt Ceiling Will Kill The American Economy

Human Life Is Worth $20 To Corporate America

Ah dear reader, so in case you still don’t believe me about the state of our country and our little known servitude to the machine of corporate America and the wealthy, here is a story where even the Government holds a second tier status to a vast Corporate Giant herunterladen. Now, before you say, well, yeah the Government shouldn’t be in a superior position to anyone, our rights are more important. This was about the public welfare and the search for a distressed man herunterladen.

According to The Times-Reporter on May 20, 2009 Ohio’s Carroll County sheriff organized a search party for a 62-year-old Carrollton area man man after deputies responded to a domestic call Wednesday at 2:21 p.m seafight glitzi bot kostenlos downloaden. The sheriff said the caller said the man was destroying the house and breaking windows and other items. But when deputies arrived they were told the man had fled and had taken several bottles of pills poster kostenlos herunterladen. So the sheriff’s department initiated an intense search overnight by Carroll County sheriff deputies, an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper and the patrol’s airplane herunterladen. Two K-9 units, several fire departments and 100 individuals on foot also were involved in the search for the man. Sheriff Sgt. Ron Clapper and firefighters found the man about 1 a.m labview kostenloser. the morning of May 21st after 11 hours of searching.

Now, you may be saying at this point, “So what? It’s terrible that some man in Ohio had a bit of a breakdown, but what does this have to do with the Tyranny of American Greed?” Continue reading Human Life Is Worth $20 To Corporate America

Live Dogs Used as Shark Bait

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Just when I think humanity has sunk as low as it can possibly go, I get a stinging, shocking, reminder that we have further that we can sink.  This article in National Geographic, which admittedly is a few years old, was the latest thing to re-awaken me to how violent, sick, and depraved the human race can truly be.  The article, and there were several other articles from around the world as well, states that some fishermen on the French-controlled island of Réunion us both live and dead dogs and cats as bait for catching sharks herunterladen. Continue reading Live Dogs Used as Shark Bait

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