May The Echo Of The Lion’s Roar Prompt Action

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This week we mourn the passing of the Senate’s Liberal Lion, the senior Senator from Massachusetts, Senator Edward Kennedy, or as most of us (meaning New England Progressives) “Teddy” kinderspiele ab 3 jahren kostenlosen. Even though I never met the man personally, I always recall my family referring to him as “Teddy” and as an adult so have I always just called him “Teddy” hörbücher 3 fragezeichen kostenlos downloaden. I could go on about his accomplishments, or about how his views reflected and influenced my own, or even about how sorely missed he will be, but I won’t minecraft version 1.8 herunterladen. At least not right now, it hurts a little too much to think about how we won’t see him in the Senate anymore, or pics of him with his dogs on his boat browser herunterladen mac.

Instead, I want to express my hope that his passing may prompt some Democrats into coming back to the fold and fight for a Public option (President Obama this means you) Continue reading May The Echo Of The Lion’s Roar Prompt Action