This Country Needs An Enema

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in the original Batman movie, "This country needs an enema!" It is absolutely amazing that the masses do not rise up and take control of their lives.  Virtually every system in America is designed to raise the very few privileged onto the backs of everyone else.  I’ll give you an example.  If you are a poor working stiff who has a credit card, and you pay your bill on time most of the time but, one month you are late.  Boom, you get whacked for a $20 or more late fee.  So, thinking you are a good customer you call said bank to ask for a waiver of the fee since it is the first time and they make a ton of interest off you at 18-25%.  "We are very sorry but because it isn’t a bank error we cannot waive that fee." click!  Why, because they know they have you over a barrel, after all what are you going to do pay off the $2k balance?  I don’t think so tumblr herunterladen.

Now, same scenario, but, this time it is the person who has significant savings and makes a very high income (i.e. the dreaded "rich").  He makes about the same number of charges as our first contestant each month, for about the same dollar value, but he usually pays off the balance each month (but maybe not always).  Mr Rich calls up and asks the same thing.  Now one of two things happens either he comes in on a "Gold Line" and has the fee immediately waived or he puts up a minor stink and tells the agent that he would like to simply pay off the balance and close the account.  This sets off all sorts of alarm bells and Mr live wallpapers. Rich is transferred to a "supervisor" who gives him a song and dance about how they can’t usually do this, but will this time.  Why, because he can and will switch banks netflix schweiz herunterladen.

People will point to my tiny example and say, well of course.  Fine, but it shouldn’t be that way should it.  It should be the same for all.     … or not.